We provide product, technology, business development, and startup consulting services for software, networking and cybersecurity companies.
We do:

Market assessment, competitive analysis, product definition and requirements development.

Team building, product development, engineering team building, core technology and product development, joint development. technology licensing. IP protection.

Naming and positioning, trademarks, segmentation, marketing materials development, demand generation, PR.

Complex direct sales, OEM and channel development. Proposal development and grant writing.

Business plan and presentation development & assistance preparing for fundraising.


Toolset from 35+ years experience building products and launching tech startups.
Everything to do with taking technology to market.

We match technology to market needs and identify opportunities using a customer engaged process, gathering customer feedback as early as possible.

We consider a broad range of topics when defining a product including deployment, interoperability and integration, cybersecurity and compliance.

We can build your team internally, co-source, off-shore, and acquire and license technology - accomodating each project's unique constraints.

We develop marketing materials, drive PR, launch demand generation programs. We land pilot and reference customers. We can build your OEM/Channel business.

  • Where is the pain? Ease it.

  • Build enough, but not too much.

  • Whatever it takes. And it does.

  • It's all about sales. Or go home.

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