Proposal to Oregon InC, Check!

Just submitted a proposal to Oregon InC on behalf of Smart Grid Oregon to fund an accelerator program.    That was quite a project, envisioning the program, building consensus to support it, drafting the proposal with input from SGO board members and 3rd party reviewers, soliciting endorsements from key stakeholders.    These types of projects are always Read more about Proposal to Oregon InC, Check![…]

Know anyone that likes their work?

This article is a good reminder about paying attention to employee morale, and the aspects of work life that are contributing to wide spread dissatisfaction.   Why should you care as an employer?   Cost savings, pure and simple.   The level of effective contribution to a company from a motivated employee, vs. a demotivated Read more about Know anyone that likes their work?[…]

Wealth of Data : Comprehensive Advanced Energy Market Report

I ran across this report commissioned by Advanced Energy while conducting market research on a smart grid project.   This contains a wealth of market research information and insights, and best of all, it’s free! It talks about one of the best marketing techniques, SEO, why not try these out and check for yourself what Read more about Wealth of Data : Comprehensive Advanced Energy Market Report[…]