Galois In The News -> The Internet of Things: How safe is ‘smart’ technology?

Software Diligence Services client Galois, Inc. continues to generate press coverage with the increasingly public awareness of the security threats to your devices. Today’s world is a mobile one. Technology provides us with the flexibility to work, communicate, be informed and be entertained, all while on the move. As our flexibility increases, however, so do Read more about Galois In The News -> The Internet of Things: How safe is ‘smart’ technology?[…]

Who’s Confused? Raytheon Makes $1.9B Cyber Statement

Raytheon bets big in cybersecurity with a novel investment approach, putting money into a JV and combining multiple acquisitions, this time with Websense.   While, at the same time General Dynamics and others are divesting of their past cyber acquisitions.   It will be interesting to see how this plays out. More here:  Raytheon makes Read more about Who’s Confused? Raytheon Makes $1.9B Cyber Statement[…]

PacStar Introduces the PacStar 400-Series MNCK

The PacStar Mobile Network Communication Kit is a modular fly away kit designed to support US Forces and Coalition Partners on CENTRIXS, BICES and US BICES networks. The transportable infrastructure of the kit enables easy installation on shipboard and land environments. The modular solution maximizes capabilities while providing flexible configuration based on the mission. With Read more about PacStar Introduces the PacStar 400-Series MNCK[…]

Portland Energy Startup ESS Lands $250k from Wells Fargo Incubator

Energy Storage Systems continues their forward progress, landing additional finance.   Their cutting edge energy storage technology represents a step function in reducing cost, improving sustainability, and offering scaleability for commercial/industrial and grid scale energy storage. Portland energy startup lands $250k from Wells Fargo incubator – Portland Business Journal.