Launching New Product at Tactical C4 Show – Booth 23. Come see me there!

Off to the AFCEA “Tactical C4 Conference” where PacStar is introducing a new product.   I’m excited about this launch because the development process for this new product was clever…we built it in partnership with a local PDX company that had a unique speciality that perfectly fit our needs, and they have been absolutely terrific to work with.

The product is the result of combining numerous customer requests with some new trends in software deployment-related technologies, specifically VM Ware.    I stark reminder to engineering teams that often (myself included) can get overly focused on organic development, when partnerships will meet some requirements much better.   In our case it solved time-to-market and lack of available internal resources.

So, today is all about last minute finish-up on product photoshoots, data sheets, training up sales people, and working out the demonstration systems for the show.    We are updating our network management package, IQ-Core Software, to some some cool new features, so our software engineering team is cranking too!

I’m heading off to Atlanta to work the booth (see us at Booth 23), check out the competition, and meet our OEM equipment vendors, Prime contractor parteners, and customers.    In a small company, anyone with a Cxx title needs to be prepared to support sales and business development!

And with that bombshell, it’s time to get to work.