PacStar Introduces Tactical Hypori ACE for Classified Mobility


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PacStar is pleased to introduce the PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE Server, enabling new cutting edge use cases for the DoD, Coalition Partners and Intelligence Community. The PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE Server is a small form factor, ruggedized Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI) platform that enables wireless access to apps running on the PacStar 451 for COTS mobile devices.

The PacStar 451 with Hypori ACE Server can provide one layer of encryption for “Commercial Solutions for Classified” (CSfC) solutions using a TLS-based architecture. When combined with additional NSA-required equipment, also available from PacStar, it enables wireless transport of classified information over LAN, WLAN and WAN links. The Hypori ACE Server is listed on the NSA CSfC approved components list and the PacStar 451 is certified by Hypori as a supported platform.

I’m pleased to have had a leadership role in making this happen, along with a talented team of engineers from PacStar.

See here for more details.