PacStar Introduces the PacStar 400-Series MNCK

The PacStar Mobile Network Communication Kit is a modular fly away kit designed to support US Forces and Coalition Partners on CENTRIXS, BICES and US BICES networks. The transportable infrastructure of the kit enables easy installation on shipboard and land environments.

The modular solution maximizes capabilities while providing flexible configuration based on the mission. With the smallest SWaP possible, the MNCK includes routing, switching and advanced network services; Riverbed WAN acceleration; and support for Domain Controllers. All of which is assembled in lightweight packaging with a variety of power options, including world-wide AC and wide-band DC (10-35v). Rugged and functional by design, the system comes with a PacStar 441 SRM router, PacStar 442 SSM-10 switch and PacStar 451 SSVserver.

The PacStar 400-series MNCK solution is managed by PacStar IQ-Core® Software, which simplifies system setup, network management and protects the system from mis-configuration by operators in the field.

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