Rebranding on a Budget

Getting started with a new company, or doing a branding refresh, can be time consuming and expensive.    We were looking for a cost-effective way to bring the Software Diligence Services branding up to date, having done the original logo/brand in 2003.

After using our networks to contact freelance graphic designers, one after another, who were all busy – having just landed plum jobs at places like Nike – and after having contacted agencies that are very expensive, we tried using finding discount logo sites.   There are many.

We did not like any of the “off the shelf” logos, however, but this company offers inexpensive custom logo development.   After describing our needs, color scheme, etc, they turned around 3 samples in 48 hours, and with tweaks, we landed on one.    Fast, and inexpensive.

Free Logo Maker | Logo Generator, Design, Creator, Templates, Online.

Then, we used Word Press to re-do our web site, using a responsive mobile ready template.   It looks readable on web browsers on PCs, and tablets and phones – it re-formats on the fly.    A weekend of converting content over, and tweaking the templates,  and we have a new public face!