Sustainable IT Recommendations to OSC

Last summer, I got involved with the Oregon Sustainability Center (OSC), in and effort to raise the visibility of the role that IT plays in meeting the energy effeciency goals of this ground breaking commercial building project.

In collaboration with Mark Gregory, AVP from PSU and other local stakeholders and volunteers, we formed an all-volunteer advisory board to research the needs/tolerance of the tenants, to look into best practices, and solicit input from the IT industry.     The report from those efforts is included here.   I’m proud of the work conducted by the advisory board, and the results were endorsed by the OSC design team, and the input has been used in engineering and budget considerations.   Here’s the final report for this phase of the project.

Oregon Sustainability Center ITAB Recommendations FINAL

As stated in the report, there is much more ground to cover, and many technical and innovation trends we did not dig into.   Our over-riding goal for this first phase began with aggressive goals, but the nature of volunteerism combined with immediate needs of the OSC design team to scope the size of the energy consumption issue, quickly directed the group towards energy conservation and roughing out an energy consumption budget for the IT equipment.  I’m pleased to report that our “on paper” estimate for the office-space power consumption budget came in almost identically to the new ultra-efficient green building recently constructed by NREL.

Hope you enjoy the report and benefit from it.
Back to the day job…

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