Software Diligence Services, LLC was founded in 2003.

It began with the mission to assist startups and established companies with technology-based innovation strategies and execution. The company’s founder and manager, Charlie Kawasaki, has a long-held passion for helping grow the industry and creating jobs in the community. This passion, born from both difficult family circumstances and a great deal of assistance both from the public sector and from motivated individuals and mentors, serves as a foundation for the company’s integrity and drive to making a real difference for our customers.

In 2016, Barbara Berge joined SDS as a partner. Bringing extensive general management, financial savvy and a passion for excellence, Barbara drives creative strategies for growth for SDS, our clients, and our community engagement activities.

Community Involvement | Outstanding Contributor Award

In June 2019, Oregon State University’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) awarded Charlie Kawasaki with its Outstanding Industry Collaborator Award, as detailed in this press release.

“The College of Engineering is grateful for Charlie’s outstanding volunteer contributions,” said Scott Ashford, Kearney professor and dean of the College of Engineering. “He provides meaningful guidance that positively impacts the college’s students, faculty and leadership.”

Oregon State University’s College of Engineering is the 15th largest college of engineering in the nation, and EECS makes up a significant portion of the college with more than 4,000 students. In addition, EECS is fourth in the nation in terms of degrees conferred in computer science. The school’s groundbreaking online education programs have helped propel Oregon State to a national leadership position in distance learning, and it has produced world-changing research in areas that include artificial intelligence, transparent electronics, mixed-signal integrated circuits, and human-computer interaction. EECS faculty are among the core members of the College of Engineering’s interdisciplinary robotics program, which is widely recognized as one of the best in the country.

“I believe in giving back to the community,” said Kawasaki. “When Dr. Tom Weller, the head of EECS, asked me to join in a volunteer leadership role, I was enthusiastic because the opportunity for impact is so great. Engineering and computer science education drives research that pushes the boundaries of discovery and the  graduates drive the innovation. I believe our collaborative efforts are critical to Oregon and the region’s economy.”

According to Dr. Weller, Michael and Judith Gaulke Chair and head of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, volunteer contributions and collaboration between education and private industry help ensure that students are better prepared for the challenges that will face them as they begin their careers outside the university setting.

“Charlie has been instrumental in helping to advance our mission to prepare students to have a positive impact on the work world during my first year leading EECS,” added Weller. “He is generous with time, guidance, leadership and friendship.”

Those Who Serve | News Segment

In July 2019, Software Diligence Founder Charlie Kawasaki was featured on KGW-TV’s 6:00 p.m. newscast in a nearly 10-minute interview for the segment “Those Who Serve: Struggle and Success.” Reporter Pat Dooris detailed Kawasaki’s good work with Cyber Oregon, OCAC, NW Cyber Camp, PacStar, the Technology Association of Oregon, and Oregon State University, among other organizations. Kawasaki’s family had struggles while he was growing up, which is a foundational element for his commitment to give back to the next generation. He now spends hundreds of hours volunteering. Watch the segment at right, or head over to KGW here.