CyberChaff at Reed College – Galois, Inc.



Thrilled to have been a part of this early success!

Formaltech, a Galois subsidiary, and Reed are excited to celebrate CyberChaff’s first month of service at Reed. Formaltech’s CyberChaff allows you to deploy low-cost, secure decoy hosts on a network. The hosts alert administrators when an attacker is detected while also slowing down key steps in the attacker’s workflow. In March, Galois and Formaltech engineers installed CyberChaff on a core Reed network during Reed’s Spring Break, and have been slowly expanding the CyberChaff presence since then. During this period, Reed has been able to use CyberChaff to detect and address anomalies on their network.

Source: CyberChaff at Reed College – Galois, Inc.