PacStar Webinar Series Going Strong


Since May of 2020, I’ve had the opportunity to drive a series of educational webinars in my role as CTO for PacStar, a provider of rugged, small form factor communications modules and network management software for military and enterprise applications. I developed the topics, created the PacStar content, and served as a presenter in all but one of the webinars, which also included experts from PacStar partners including Cisco, Aruba, Forcepoint, SCI, Viasat and Digital Barriers.

A recurring theme in these webinars is the importance of driving advanced computing and network capabilities to edge of tactical networks and how improved communications and compute are enabling the next generation of applications.

In a battlefield environment, situation awareness, analytics, and decision support play a big role in determining outcomes. But what if the tactical team is in a “communications denied” environment? As discussed in our latest webinar on January 21, teams must forward-deploy technology that can function on the edge even when communications links to the cloud have been cut off. 

One such critical area is video exploitation and transmission, which is a bandwidth intensive capability. New technologies that combine AI/ML edge-based scene interpretation and adaptive video codec control enable reshaping video and associated intelligence to fit within available network capacity. Moving these capabilities to the edge significantly reduces the load on networks, and outpaces adversary decision making.

Watch the webinar replay below for the full story.