Data Breach Hall of Shame, Version 8. Woo Hoo, More “Free” Useless Credit Monitoring For Me!

Source: » Update on Medical Informatics Engineering breach (update2)

This is becoming completely absurd.   Pretty soon I’ll be able to do a personal version of a David Letterman “Top 10” of data breaches.

This data breach joins a growing list of my hall of shame, as follows:

8) Medical Informatics Engineering
7) Office of Personnel Management
6) FinFun
5) Anthem
4) Premia
3) Chase Bank
2) Target
1) Home Depot

Thanks to this new breach, I’m being offered 16 years of overlapping credit reporting services, which does very little good.  Should I open up 8 duplicate accounts with Experian’s ProtectMyID?   I’d like to see meaningful, direct financial compensation and I think I’m entitled to credit monitoring for life at this point.

Oh, rats!   I forgot about LinkedIn and LastPass breaches.   That actually puts me up to 10, but neither offered free credit monitoring, so maybe they deserve to be on a different list altogether.