PacStar Shows Vanishing Small Wireless TOC


Today, at the AFCEA TechNet Augusta show, PacStar is unveiling our new NSA CSfC-based deployable wireless tactical operations technology demonstration system.   Working closely with CSfC-leaders including Aruba Networks, Hypori, and Cisco Systems, we’ve developed a tactical solution that demonstrates technologies designed to transmit classified information over insecure wireless networks without the need for Type 1 encryption equipment.   Ground-breaking capabilities include:

a) Wireless access for Android smart phone applications in a tactical setting, configured IAW the CSfC MA CP thin client “TLS EUD”.

b) Wireless access for WAN connectivity from the remote site to HQ, configured IAW the CSfC VPN CP.

Both use cases are transport independent, use two layers of Suite-B encryption with IKE/ECDSA, and are implemented with platform diversity.   The solution is hosted on four PacStar 400-series communications modules, each weighing roughly 2.5 lbs, as shown in in booth setup below.

We’re also demonstrating PacStar IQ-Core Software, our leading system management platform, providing setup, configuration and monitoring of CSfC-conformant IPSec VPN tunnels, ensuring the system meets security requirements, without requiring highly trained network engineers to ship out with every system.



If you’re at TechNet, please come by booth #404 to meet up with our team to see the system live and in action.