PacStar on a Roll! JITC Approved: PacStar 441 and 442 Tactical Communications Modules


PacStar’s on a roll, with more accreditations and an approvals for two of the core products in our deployable communications product family.  Experts in the know just how much effort goes into this kind of thing.

Announced yesterday:

“PacStar is pleased to announce that the PacStar 441 Small Router Module and PacStar 442 Small Switch Module have been approved for inclusion on the DISA Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Approved Products List (APL), and are available for inclusion in systems designed to connect to US DoD networks under DISA guidelines. The modules are approved for use under the Customer Edge Router and ASLAN access switch profiles, respectively, enabling tactical communicators to benefit from the extensive capabilities supported by the modules including voice, video and data access in remote or austere environments.”

Click here for more information on the PacStar 441 and 442, including copies of the JITC APL approval letters.